Emergency information posters (eip) policy

The purpose of the Emergency Information Poster is to provide an easily recognizable and consistent means of displaying essential information about the status and contents of laboratories and facilities, primarily for the benefit of persons attempting to cope with an explosion, fire, natural disaster, or other emergency. Such information is important for the safety of emergency personnel and is often of considerable value in evaluating and dealing with the emergency.

Semi-Annual email reminders to update or replace the EIP’s will be sent by Joe Laskow to Department Managers, Lab Supervisors and Principle Investigators.

The communication used for sending, receiving and responding to the EIP’s will be via the Email address eipemail@princeton.edu.

When the EIP(s) have been updated and initialized, send a confirmation email to eipemail@princeton.edu and provide the following information:

In the Subject Field:
EIP updated – Department (where Department is replaced with your department)

In the Message Body:
Department:           Room/Lab:           Date initialized:

Keep 3 additional copies with each EIP:

  • 1 copy will be collected by the SEAS Safety Manager after inspection and forwarded to Public Safety.
  • 2 copies to be used for disbursement and to notify the responsible individual(s) during emergencies.

To obtain EIP’s: Contact Joan Hutzly, 609-258-6251 at Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

Detailed instuction for completing the EIP can be found on the EHS website.

To review the program description in detail, go to the  EHS website.