Friend center convocation room policy

All Convocation Room (Friend 113) reservation requests must be made through the Office of the Dean at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. We do not accept reservations more than three (3) months in advance from departments and organizations outside of the School of Engineering.


  1. To request use of the Convocation Room, please fill out our request form.
  2. If the room is available, your reservation will be confirmed within two (2) business days via email. The Office of the Dean reserves the right to refuse any request for any reason.
  3. The room is kept locked when not in use. You must pick up the keys from C232 E-Quad on the day of your event (before 5:00 p.m. on Friday for a weekend event) and return them immediately afterwards. Your project grant will be charged $15 for each key not returned within 5 business days of your event.
  4. If your event falls on a weekend or after normal business hours, you must fill out the lock/unlock request form and fax it to Public Safety 48 hours before the event to ensure that the exterior doors of the Friend Center are open.
  5. The Convocation Room is a heavily used room; if you need to cancel your reservation, please be courteous and cancel in a timely manner so that another organization’s request might be filled. Last-minute cancellations are discouraged and could jeopardize future reservation requests.

Setup, cleanup, and catering

  1. Your organization is responsible for making all setup, cleanup, and catering arrangements.
  2. The room has a maximum occupancy of 127. There are 16 large round tables and 127 chairs available for use at no charge; however additional banquet tables must be rented if you will serve food at your event.
  3. Contact Building Services at (609) 258-3490 should you wish to discuss special setup arrangements – one week advanced notice is required. For complete event support services and policies, including requests for banquet tables and chairs, table cloths, trashcans, etc., please visit Facilities Event Support.
  4. If your event will be catered, someone from your organization must be present when the caterer arrives. Your caterer should communicate directly with you, not the Office of the Dean.
  5. The kitchen may be used (key included with Convocation Room key), however, you may not store food items in the refrigerator or on the counters after your event has ended – anything left over will be thrown out. Please coordinate with your caterer to pick up their service items (including any tables, chairs, china and linens) immediately after the event.


  1. The room is equipped with:
    • built-in video/data projector and screen
    • CD/DVD player
    • podium/Electronic Command Center (ECC) (due to the nature of the equipment, the ECC may not be moved)
    • wireless lapel microphone
    • wireless network accessTraining for use of the A/V equipment is essential.  Please contact Maureen Novozinsky at (609) 258-7503, at least one week prior to your event to set up an appointment. In Maureen’s absence or for additional A/V equipment rentals, please contact Media Services.
  2. The Dean’s Conference Room (Friend 114) is reserved separately from the Convocation Room and may not be used without prior permission. Should you wish to use the conference room during your event, please check with Andrea Mameniskis for availability.
  3. The Office of the Dean is not liable for anything lost or stolen from the room or the coat racks just outside the room. All personal items and rental equipment left unattended, at any time, are the sole responsibility of your organization.
  4. Please do not obstruct the hallway – your event must be contained within the room. If you plan on setting up a table in the lobby for event registration, you must indicate this in your request. A maximum of two (2) 6-foot banquet tables is permitted and the table/s may not obstruct the entrance to the adjacent conference room 114.
  5. No one is permitted to move/rearrange the tables and chairs in the Convocation Room except Building Services; your organization agrees that it will be financially responsible for any damage to the facility or the equipment in the room.
  6. Please leave the room the way you found it. Building Services will clean up after your event (provided you have requested them to do so); however, as a courtesy to them, we ask that you remove or throw out whatever items possible before leaving the room. Events may often occur immediately after yours, and it makes the setup process easier if you leave the room in good condition.
  7. Make sure that all lights are off and the doors are locked (including the kitchen and any exterior doors) when your event is over. Remember to return the key the next morning!
  8. Payphones are available near the entrance of the engineering library and on the lower level.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and understanding. We hope your event will be a success!