Medical waste policy

As part of medical waste research, each SEAS program includes its own designated laboratories where medical waste is handled and procedures are conducted by qualified and properly trained staff and students. Since researchers and students are responsible for all aspects of their research program and training, the handling, packaging, labeling, transporting of medical waste, spills, violations, investigations and security purposes, it is in the best interest of SEAS and most advantageous for the research programs that these guidelines are to be followed:


Medical waste is disposed into a regulated biohazard plastic bag which must be properly sealed in the medical waste box.

Sharps are disposed into a regulated sharps biohazard container. The lid must be properly closed in the medical waste box.

Sharps containers are available for purchase in the AD-3B stockroom.

labeling requirements

All inner bags and sharps containers must be labeled “Princeton University, Princeton, NJ” Each medical waste box must have a completed Medical Waste Label (Medical Waste Box Label) affixed to it. To order or obtain pre-printed labels, please refer to the CONTACTS section.


The medical waste box must be properly assembled and sealed.

To assemble: Fold opposite box flaps inward towards each other. The outer folded flaps are stamped “BOTTOM” and “TOP” and must be visible.

Do NOT fold flaps over each other . Boxes not properly assembled or labeled will be rejected.

To seal: Use 2” clear packing tape (available in stockroom) and seal top and bottom flaps.

Prior to transport, check to ensure the box is not leaking. Each box must be weighed. The maximum acceptable weight for a medical waste box is 35 lbs. If your lab or department does not have a scale, the loading dock digital floor scale located in the hallway across from room A129 can be used.


The medical waste box is to be taken from the lab and placed in the Medical Waste Storage Cabinets located along the back wall of the fenced area behind the E-Quad loading dock lift plate. The cabinets must be locked after usage.

Lab supervisors, upon request, will be given a key to access the Medical Waste Storage Cabinets.

To request a key, contact the stockroom or Joe Laskow.

If the Medical Waste Storage Cabinets are full, return the box to the lab.

Do NOT leave the waste box outside.

Contact Building Services x88000 to request an immediate pickup.

Please also notify the loading dock staff x84563 or stockroom x84739.

Custodians are not responsible for the handling or transporting of medical waste boxes or medical waste. Do not place medical waste boxes in hallways as this will be a safety hazard and introduces the possibility of damage to the boxes which could cause a leak or spill.

Medical Waste in the Storage Cabinets is picked up daily by Building Services.


To order medical waste supplies for your lab, please refer to the CONTACTS section.

References: Biological and Medical Waste Disposal