Central surplus procedure

The Central Surplus Program supports the prudent stewardship of resources by reusing quality surplus items before buying new ones. The program facilitates the sale, donation, or disposal of equipment, while ensuring that federal acquisition, funding, and disposal regulations are met.  

Unneeded furniture, computer equipment, scientific equipment, as well as many other items must be sent to the Central Surplus facility for proper dispensation. This includes all electronic items that are destined for disposal. The Central Surplus Program provides proper recycling of electronic materials as these items are not be placed into the normal trash dumpsters. More information on what should be entered into surplus can be found on the 

Central Surplus Website

Hallways are to be kept clear – Do not block doors or wall-mounted fire extinguishers. 

Large items in the furniture category, such as desks, tables, sofas, file cabinets, etc, should remain in their original locations or in their respective department and entered through the central surplus system so they can be picked up by the movers. 

Surplus procedure: 

  1. The departmental central surplus coordinator will enter items through the Central Surplus Website 
  2. After the items have been successfully submitted into the Central Surplus System, a Central Surplus Submission Receipt is generated and sent to your email. Print a copy of this receipt and attach it to the matching items which were surplused. This will verify the items were surplused and have been placed “on call” for pickup with the movers via an internal work order. 
  3. For questions regarding surplus items, assistance with moving items, or borrowing carts, contact the Receiving Dock Staff or Stockroom during normal business hours: 
    Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM.