Resource Recovery Program

The Resource Recovery Program serves as an important function to help us conserve University resources, support sustainability efforts, and safely dispose of electronics and other items. 


Contact your department Resource Recovery Coordinator to submit items for recovery. (Insert Link to Coordinators)

Preparing items for pickup

Preparing items for proper pick-up helps respect our staff and protect University interests and the environment. Your cooperation is very much appreciated. Please note we are unable to return an item once it has been picked up.

  • Include item-specific information on your Resource Recovery pick-up work order
    • Include asset tag number (a small barcode sticker with Princeton logo and a number)
    • Include the serial number for any electronic device 
    • Contact Customer Service, 609-258-8000, for assistance
  • Empty furniture of ALL items prior to pick-up, especially file cabinets
  • Clear all food waste from mini-refrigerators prior to pick up
  • Unlock all furniture/file cabinets prior to pick-up and tape keys to the appropriate item
    • Keys can be obtained from the University lock shop if needed
  • List ALL items for pickup on the work order (cabinets, shelves, lamps, couches, desks, cabinets, electronics, etc.)
    • Help us pick-up the correct items
    • Respect our moving staff’s tight schedule
  • Label item(s) for pick-up to assure we collect the correct items (a handwritten note taped to item(s) is fine)

Hallways are to be kept clear – Do not block doors or wall-mounted fire extinguishers. 

For additional Information visit the

Resource Recovery Website