Van reservation policy

Princeton Engineering offers University owned vans for use by properly authorized and certified individuals for business related activities. The guidelines for van reservation and usage specific to the SEAS business vans have been defined in conjunction with the Department of Public Safety, Fleet Safety Program and the Office of Risk Management. Van usage is for business purposes only and is intended for local, campus and the greater Princeton area (approximately ~10 mile radius trips from SEAS). For longer trips, a University or local business van can be rented via arrangements with your department to cover rental and fuel costs. For more information see the Office of Risk Management’s Fleet Safety and University-Approved Drivers Guidelines.

Driver authorization and van certification requirements

Princeton University requires anyone operating one of the University’s fleet vehicles to enroll in the Fleet Safety Program. Please review the driver certification requirements through Princeton Public Safety website. Please complete the required documents and submit them to Risk Management. Once you are an approved University driver, please submit your approval documentation to the SEAS Department Fleet Representative (DFR):

Anthony Schulz, EQuad 3rd Floor Stockroom, Room AD3B, 609-258-4739

Van reservation

Vans are reserved by entering the date, driver’s name, time requested and purpose on the Van Reservation Log located in the Stockroom, Room AD3B, 3rd Floor A-D Link. Reservations can also be requested by providing this information via email or voicemail to 609-258-4739.

Van usage is available during normal business hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 4:30PM For special requests beyond these hours and if usage time changes, contact Anthony Schulz to discuss arrangements.

Van Pickup

  • Key is to be picked up in the stockroom when the van is ready to be used.
  • Van is in the designated “EQUAD van parking only’ spot, located across from the North garage, left side.
  • Van must be locked when not in use.

Van Return and Parking

  • Van is to be parked in its designated parking spot. If unavailable, contact the DFR or loading dock staff.
  • Key is to be returned promptly to the Stockroom when the van has been returned.
  • Seats removed during usage must be re-installed in the van prior to van being returned.
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the van is returned clean inside and out.
  • Report all mechanical, operational and visible van problems or concerns to the Anthony Schulz.