Yellow gas cylinder tag process

The yellow gas cylinder tag process has been created to maximize the management, traceability and cost-effectiveness of all gas cylinders stored in the E-Quad Specialty Room and to provide a temporary storage location for these gas cylinders for customers who either do not have access to their own storage shed or lack laboratory storage space. The process involves inventory tagging of all customer-ordered specialty-grade gas cylinders during the receiving of new cylinders. This process allows for tracking of the history for each cylinder until pickup for return. This yellow gas cylinder tag process applies to the Specialty Room only. All SEAS departments, staff and students are always welcome to use the yellow cylinder tags for their own sheds, usages or guidelines. 

Temporary storage for the cylinders, in the E-Quad Specialty Room, is only available for the times between delivery and customer pick-up and between customer drop-off and subsequent cylinder pickup. 

Because storage space is at a premium, we can only allow each cylinder to remain temporarily stored in the Specialty Room for a maximum grace period of two (2) weeks (14 calendar days) from the date the customer is notified that their cylinder has arrived. 

For those cylinders remaining in the Specialty Room beyond the grace period, the customer will be contacted to make arrangements to remove their cylinders. This ensures the cylinders are kept moving, which significantly reduces unnecessary late/continuous rental fees. 

For rare/special grade gas orders where a cylinder must remain in the Specialty Room beyond the two (2) week grace period, please notify us to make arrangements for an extension of the grace period. 

The Specialty Room is NOT a long-term storage area. 

History of a Gas Cylinder 

Upon delivery of any gas cylinder for the Specialty Room on the E-Quad receiving dock, the delivery slip is verified for accuracy and a gas leakage test is performed on the cylinder. If the cylinder passes the gas leakage test, delivery is accepted and the cylinder is stored in the Specialty Room as specified per the delivery slip or purchase order “Header Comments” field. 

If the cylinder fails the gas leakage test, delivery is refused and a notation that the cylinder was leaking at the time of delivery is made on the delivery slip. The customer is then promptly notified by email or a phone call that the cylinder was refused. 

If the storage location is not specified, the cylinder will be temporarily placed in the Specialty Room. 

The “top half” (delivery section) of the yellow gas cylinder tag containing identification, ownership and traceable information specific to the cylinder is filled out for the customer by the loading dock personnel and attached to the cylinder, and the customer is then promptly notified by email or a phone call that their delivery has arrived. 

Customer Pick-up:
The customer makes arrangements to remove the gas cylinder from the Specialty Room by contacting us at x82007 or via email. The “Date Removed” and “Lab/Shed” location is recorded on the gas cylinder tag on the date of removal.  

The yellow gas cylinder tag needs to remain attached to the cylinder at all times. 

Return of Empty or Unneeded Cylinder: 
Prior to the return of a cylinder into the Specialty Room for temporary storage until supplier pickup, the customer contacts the supplier and makes arrangements for pickup by filling out the “bottom half” (return and supplier pickup section) of the yellow gas cylinder tag in its entirety. 

Required information includes: 

  • verification that the supplier was contacted for the pickup 
  • the suppliers’ pickup date 
  • the pickup slip confirmation number and customer info 

If the returning cylinder was accepted for delivery prior to the implementation of this process and does NOT have a yellow gas cylinder tag, the customer must then completely fill out the tag. Contact the Receiving Dock or Stockroom for blank tags. 

After the “bottom half” section has been completely filled out, the customer makes arrangements to have the cylinder returned into the Specialty Room for temporary storage until supplier pickup by contacting us during normal business hours at x82007 or via email. This will ensure prompt pickup while eliminating unnecessary late storage/rental fees. If after hours or during the weekend, the customer can store the cylinder in their own respective shed and on the next business day transfer the cylinder to the Specialty Room prior to pickup. 

When the cylinder is being picked up for return to the supplier, the pickup slip, confirmation number and the actual date of pickup is verified on the tag. 

The yellow gas cylinder tag is then removed from the cylinder and kept on file per each department.