Friend Center atriums and lobby

Friend Center Upper/Low Atrium and Lobby Reservations and Usage:
All reservation requests must be made through the School of Engineering. We do not accept reservations more than 3 months in advance from the date of the event from departments and/or organizations outside of the School of Engineering.

Friend Center Convocation Room Policy and General Information:

Confirmation: If the space(s) is available, your reservation request will be confirmed within 2 business days via email.

Guidelines and General Space Access: These public areas, under certain circumstances, may be used for registration or refreshments for an event taking place elsewhere in the Friend Center.  These areas may not be closed to public access.  Please be considerate of the students using the adjacent Engineering Library and classrooms on the lower level by avoiding excessive noise.   These venues are standing room only; no chairs are allowed to be set up in these areas except to allow necessary seating for staffers who, for example, might be registering guests for an event.

Building Access: Friend Center exterior doors are open 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. For all events on weekends or after 7:00 PM please fill out the Public Safety Form found on the reservation page.

Setup and Cleanup: Please contact Building Services, 609-258-8000, to order banquet tables, tablecloths, extra trash-cans, easels, etc. and Serge Brioche, 609-258-4974.  You may also reference the Equipment Rental Order Form