Shipping and receiving

E-Quad Loading Dock, Room A134

Daily receiving, delivering and shipping of Express Common Carriers (DHL, FedEx GND, FedEx Express, UPS Ground, McMaster Carr) and bulk delivery/pickup. Palletized freight, packages, gas cylinders, liquid helium dewars, chemicals and perishables are the most common types of freight handled daily.

The shipping/receiving dock staff provides customer coordination and assistance with deliveries and pickups .

A variety of shipping supplies (large shipping boxes, tubes,, pallets, banding equipment and packing materials) are available to use for shipping packages as well as an organizer which contains express carrier shipping boxes, envelopes, forms, USPS supplies, etc.

Other supplies available for customers to use at the loading dock are:

  • Medical Waste reserve supply of boxes and bags (more Information)
  • Hazardous Waste Reserve supply of black (acids), blue (bases), white (solvents) carboys & Hazardous Waste Labels (more information)
  • Refrigerator and freezer for temporary storage of perishables

Shipping information (ups ground and fedex)

On-line Campus Ship processing & Shipping Forms are available for UPS and FedEx.
The recommended cut-off time for UPS and FedEx Exp on-line processing is 9:00 a.m. for same day pickup.

Note: For International Shipments, it is the sender’s responsibility to research and confirm which forms are needed per the rules and regulations of the destination country.

UPS Store Locations
174 Nassau St. (Last Pick-Up: 5:30 PM)
301 N. Harrison St., Princeton Shopping Center (Last Pick-Up: 5:45 PM)

Drop Box pickup Mon-Fri:
(Use for non-perishable small packages and letters.)
FedEx Express: (6:45 PM) located outside the ACE Link Olden Street entrance doors
UPS Ground: (6:30 PM) at 1 Prospect Ave; (6:45 PM) at 188 Nassau St

Custom services

  • Ballasts recycling container and removal program
  • Battery recycling containers and removal program
  • Flammable storage cabinet for temporary storage of chemicals
  • Flammable storage cabinet for temporary storage of flammable containers
  • Scrap metal recycling containers/area and removal program
  • Medical Waste storage cabinet and removal program
  • Liquid helium dewars – Temporary storage sheds, tracking and customer notification of deliveries.
  • Gas cylinders (Industrial Grade: Argon, Breathing Air, Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen) ordering and inventory maintenance
  • Gas cylinder shed for temporary storage of customer ordered gas cylinders and inventory maintenance
  • Gas cylinders, kerosene, propane and flammables monthly testing for gas-leaks in all customer sheds
  • Gas cylinder recording, tracking and log system for customers. Investigate and resolve gas company/customer disputes