Building services and maintenance

For maintenance issues or janitorial service, please call 8-8000 or submit a request directly to the Facilities Service Center.

For a complete list of Facilities services please see the Facilities Service Catalog.

Building and renovation management

Eric Litostansky,

  • Office and Laboratory Renovation
  • Facility Management
  • Security

Compliance, human resource management, project management

Amy Lewis,

  • SEAS Safety Program / Primary Emergency Coordinator
  • Project Management / Special Projects
  • Human Resource liaison

Computer and a.v. technical support

Maureen Novozinsky,

  • Classrooms
  • Media Services
  • Department Computing Support
  • Conference Support

Communications support

Steven Schultz,

  • News articles
  • Social media
  • Event publicity
  • EQuad News and publications
  • Videos
  • Web resources

Development support

Jane Maggard,

  • Alumni Contacts, news
  • Fundraising

E-Quad cafe

Financial management

Kaitlin Lutz,

  • Project Grant Management
  • Financial Management Guidance

Machine shop

Lawrence McIntyre,

  • Custom fabrication for research
  • Classroom support

Dean’s staff custom services

  • Dry Ice program per department request
  • Toner cartridge recycling and pickup program